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Filming at the Annabelle, Almyra and Anassa: Thanos Hotels, Cyprus

Thanos Hotels in Cyprus

One of my recent projects involved filming videos for Thanos Hotels’ brand new blog,  the Thanos Diaries.

My main aim on the shoot was to get to know and interview the staff from the Annabelle, Almyra and Anassa hotels.

Fun filming

As well as the hotels being rather fabulous, the teams who worked here were some of the nicest people I have ever met.

It was an absolute pleasure both filming here and meeting such fantastic teams.

I loved my stay with Thanos Hotels and I really want to return to Cyprus to explore further, soon.

Read more about my stay at the Annabelle…


Meet the teams:

See behind the scenes photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Thanos Diaries 

To find out more about these amazing hotels, visit their brand new blog the Thanos Diaries now!

Thanos Hotels on Twitter

You can also follow Thanos Hotels on Twitter


  Sophie wrote @

Anassa looks beautiful. Wouldn’t mind dipping my toes in some of those infinity pools!

  exitsandentrances wrote @

Stunning! Great photos and footage🙂

  James wrote @

I have always wanted to go to Cyprus. I will check out these hotels! I would like to feel warm…I need sunshine.

  Markus wrote @

This will be one of my future holidays Sounds amazing and the videos will help me through the time until I visit! They really capture how enthusiastic the staff are about their job

  Jenny Johnson Garden Design wrote @

What fab pics on such an awful cold day…..looks amazing!

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