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Sardinia: A beach and city break in one

I have always found it difficult to choose between a beach or a city break.

I LOVE to explore new cities, but I also love to spend time on the beach… reading, daydreaming, sunbathing and playing bat and ball!

Sardinia is a place I’ve always wanted to visit as I have read so much about it and seen so many gorgeous pictures. I had been excited about this trip for, months.

As this was my first holiday (with the boyf) this year it was really important to me to make the most out of our time away, and we did just that.

We stayed for a couple of days on the small island of Sant’Antioco – around an hour and a half from Cagliari airport, just off the south west coast. We then headed back to Cagliari for a mini city break.

What we liked so much about the trip was that firstly Sant’Antioco is so unspoilt by tourists. Great beaches and crystal clear waters.

We loved the fact that almost no one spoke English, and I definitely improved my Italian during our stay. We also found food and drink to be very reasonably priced, and we were expecting to spend much more during our trip.

We loved exploring Sardinia’s capital, Cagliari. The narrow streets and alleys are bursting with charming trattorias, rustic taverns, and shops both old and new.

The Castello district, the oldest part of the city is where we spent most of our time exploring.

Our favourite sights not to be missed are Bastione San Remy and Torre di San Pancrazio. The views are incredible.

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  trixfred30 wrote @

I’ve been trying to work out where to go next and this has provided some inspiration. Thanks!

  Annie wrote @

Hi sarah

I have been to the north of Sardinia and that is beautiful as well. Will have to go back and see the rest.


  Sophie C wrote @

Wow. Looks A-Mazing.

Another destination to add to the wish list.


  Justin wrote @

You are a lucky girl! Looks fab

  erin wrote @

looks like you had a fantastic trip & it looks beautiful there! x

  Paul wrote @

Great write up sounds like you had a real fun time. Going to look up the city as the views look amazing

  JJ wrote @

Got to go soon, it looks fab!

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