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Videos coming soon: There’s more to Madeira than you might think…

What do you know about Madeira?

You may know it has a mild climate, it’s a popular cruise ship port of call AND that it has lots of flowers, right?

Ok, so this tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean does indeed have a fantastic climate all year round, the subtropical conditions result in some amazing flowers popping up everywhere you look….. but there is SO much more to Madeira than just this.

I recently spent a fun packed, adrenaline filled and honestly one of the best weeks of my life so far exploring and filming what this place has to offer as an amazing holiday destination.

So if you’re looking for adventure – watch this space for six brand new exciting videos coming soon.

In the meantime follow @YourMadeira on Twitter for reasons why there is more to Madeira than you might think..

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  Sophie C wrote @

pics look fab, let us know when we can watch the videos!

  Sam Herson wrote @

Looking forward to the videos Sarah, the photos above the clouds look amazing! Where was that exactly?? keep us posted when the videos are up!


  Sarah Foden wrote @

Hi there Sam, glad you like the pictures.

The pictures above the clouds were taken at Pico do Arieiro.

You should definitely go for yourself.

  Sam Herson wrote @

Wow it looks amazing – it may have to be added to my list of places to go now!

  erin wrote @

wow…looks amazing. looking forward to the video!

  Annie wrote @

Looks AMAZING!! On my wish list now.

  Andrew wrote @

Looks amazing surprised at the amount you can do there

  Markus wrote @

Looks Awesome

Cant wait to see the videos

  Sarah Foden wrote @

I will let you all know when the videos go live!! Thanks for reading

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